A day to day acount of the whacky and wonderful world of Muggaz - i tend to be having too much fun these days, and often cannot remember moments due to debauchery - its time the internet repayed my loyalty by recording my antics.
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July 9, 2005 by Muggaz
A chance encounter on the streets of Melbourne after a night of drunken revelry – we have to stop meeting like this. I am accosted and at 3.00am, it’s hard to say no to a pash before I go home for the night. It was a good kiss, most involving me are… I just hope it is not interpreted as more than it was.

She tells me that she knows my game. She thinks I am playing hard to get. It is true, I do play hard to get extremely well, but most of the time, it’s not a game to me. I really am hard to ge...
August 17, 2004 by Muggaz
I heard a great joke once:

"Women are more psychic than men. A woman is always the first to know if you're going to get laid."


Let me ask you a few questions.

Have you ever met an attractive girl somewhere, and wound up having a good conversation... and during the conversation you realized that you'd really like to get this girl's number and go out with her sometime... but the more you talked, the less comfortable and more nervous you became?

Or have you ever been out...
August 4, 2004 by Muggaz
When it comes to relationships in today’s society, I think there are massive problems with conceit and disregard for people’s feelings… I don’t really know where I am going with this; I would just like some honest opinions…

I am the kind of guy that cannot enter into a sexual relationship with someone unless I have feelings for them, it’s really as simple as that, although, I love woman, and I love sex. Sex is a natural act, and it feels GREAT!!!

Right now, I am not in a loving physical re...
July 18, 2004 by Muggaz
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July 4, 2004 by Muggaz
This weekend was one of the first in a long time where I didn’t go out expecting to make some lovely ladies night… There are several reasons behind this…

a. I am completely smitten with a beautiful woman at the moment, I wont be doing anything to jeopardise my chances
b. Going out with the pre-determined notion of picking up isn’t healthy
c. This weekend was diagnosed as a weekend of practical research

I really have to go out more often with the above mindsets, because I have never talk...
June 27, 2004 by Muggaz
Why oh why make me so angry on a Monday morning?

I get to work, and there is an email from my friend stating how she was with the guy that she liked, but nothing is going to happen from it - which she knew from the start, so now she is sad… wtf.

Ok, this is brash, stupid, ridiculous, presumptuous… but chicks are easily the most emotionally retarded of the human species. It would be apparent to me that as a general rule, chicks are so devoid of logic that they are constantly hurting themse...
May 30, 2004 by Muggaz
Cock - (kok)

1. noun.

A) An adult male chicken; a rooster.
An adult male of various other birds.

Cocks don’t really have much use to the everyday person except for getting chick’s pregnant, hence creating eggs, or waking people up in the morning with their sunshine songs. This is a small piece on cock blockers – who are also cocks, but more so cocks than other cocks.

There is one particularly fine chicky commanding the attention of a certain cock, she is pretty funny, outrageous...
May 13, 2004 by Muggaz
The way society has developed over the course of our History, it has been assumed that Guys don’t really need or care for relationship advice – I am going to put that matter to bed now, because every single day, I am witness to socially inept males who seem to be frightened to death of females, and they are constantly seeking approval from the fairer sex – hurting their manhood in the process.

This will be a first in a series of articles to help those males, who have no problems admitting tha...
May 11, 2004 by Muggaz
Ok, here is the deal...

I have a good friend, she is the best chick in the whole wide world, bar none, and we get along soooo well... She has a boyfriend though, and knows this is the reason I dont keep in contact... every now and then though, I will send her an email, and the feelings come flooding back...

She knows how I feel, make no mistake, and if boy was out of the picture, well... you get the drift... but she is really pressuring me to catch up with her...

This is where the advic...
April 29, 2004 by Muggaz
This is going to be a bit of a rant… I am feeling emotional right now, so I need some form of release… guess what JU – you are going to get it.

I feel absolutely crazy right at this instance. I am going to try to articulate it in words, If you have decided to read on, I wish you the best of luck.

There is so much stuff going on that is making me feel both ecstatic and rather sad. It mostly involves chicks. There are a couple of chicks who I have been seeing lately… now, I have always been ...
April 15, 2004 by Muggaz
When one has a massive amount of respect for ones self, you really must consider the company you keep. This certainly holds true when choosing a partner - someone you can spend numerous hours with at any one time, and this may be my eventual downfall, and I may die a lonely old man - but I don't think so.

Unfortunately in society today their is the disposition that it is the females that do the choosing as far as relationships go. I don't prophesise to be a great psychologist, but this is how...
March 11, 2004 by Muggaz
I hate my Ex Girlfriend. I really do.

Her name was Kate…

We have been broken up for quite sometime now, and I have not had any interaction with her whatsoever for several months, but I still have whack/crazy dreams about her, and she still occupies a place in my heart.

Last night i dreamt we saw each other, and she just came up and started talking to me as if nothing happened, and then she was all touchy feely and wanted to hook up again... this is the second or third such dream like t...
February 23, 2004 by Muggaz
It all became so clear last night.

I am going to marry an air hostess.

What more could a gentleman want in a life companion?

Air Hostesses are traditionally glamorous, admittedly, we have all seen chicks on planes that are only there because their husband, brother, friend is an executive or pilot with the airline, but predominantly they are fine pieces of ass.

Of course, those that know me well will know that a fine piece of ass is not all that I am after in a spouse… It just helps ...
February 17, 2004 by Muggaz
A growing number of Australian men are turning to Russian women for relationships and marriage. But there are risks for both sides.

Perth Airport, 6am. Elena Polyanskaya walks through the arrivals gate wearing dark jeans and a pale blue top, her fine, blonde hair cut boyishly short.

She is exhausted after a 54-hour journey from her Russian hometown of Nizhny Novgorod, but the moment Richard Bosward sees her, he decides she is beautiful. Her eyes are wider and brighter than in the photos ...
February 15, 2004 by Muggaz
I have found myself asking over the past few days, how long could I possibly go without falling in Love?

I plan on racking off for a considerable amount of time in October this year… I don’t plan on coming home until I am 30…

As insensitive and brash as I may appear, I don’t know if I can stay away that long without a love in my life.

At the moment, it is all just questions, because I have absolutely no idea on how I could predict what is going to happen in my life of the next 5-10 year...