A day to day acount of the whacky and wonderful world of Muggaz - i tend to be having too much fun these days, and often cannot remember moments due to debauchery - its time the internet repayed my loyalty by recording my antics.
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October 24, 2007 by Muggaz
What is it about blogging that lets a bunch of faceless strangers know the innermost workings of my heart and mind? I am trying to remain strong, trying to ignore these feelings I have, so I can't really talk to anyone about them, yet I know for a fact that writing them now will be the most therapeutic thing I have done for days...

I have always said that the worst vice is advice, so those of you who feel so inclined, whilst your take on the situation is welcomed, it's not necessarily what I ...
October 10, 2007 by Muggaz
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April 20, 2005 by Muggaz
As far as the human race has progressed over the millennia, there is at least one facet of our great society that seems to be traversing backwards, woman and men alike can both agree; Masculinity seems to be a dying trait. Whilst it is foolish and outright wrong to say that manliness is lost in this day and age, the chaps of today don’t have the same qualities or traits expected of our grandfathers.

Movie stars like Jude Law and Hugh Grant epitomise the elegance and sensuality of today’s mode...