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Published on May 17, 2005 By Muggaz In Just Hanging Out
I have recently obtained the moniker of ‘Bad Human’ from one of my colleagues. If I said this didn’t disturb me somewhat, well I would be lying – but hey, I actually have a sardonic smile on my lips each time I am referred to as such. Sure, we all want to be good people, and truth be told, I consider myself to have been a good person for all of my short life thus far – perhaps that’s why I am inclined to let my bad boy side shine.

I guess he started calling me this, and it has stuck with other mates, because I am cold. I will not miss a chance to use my wit when someone slips up, and all is fair in love and war right? At the end of the day, it is just a nick name, and something that my friends and I can have a laugh to. Who want’s to be a ‘Good Human’ anyway? We all know that ‘good’ people are taken advantage of by the system – no one tries to impress good people, well – because good people are already impressed, by… something… who knows what it is exactly?

Good people seem to be the ones that are stuck trying to impress other people – with their random acts of kindness, and glowing hearts… who want’s a person like that around? All they do is make us feel worse about ourselves, albeit inadvertently. I take solace in the fact that there really aren’t that many good people about anyway. The worst piece of the puzzle is that when you find someone who you think is good, they always end up screwing up; quickly losing the halo you pre-maturely placed on their head, no one wins in those situations!

So, I am happy with being a ‘Bad Human’ it sure beats being a mosquito with a heart of gold, or a frog that swings neither way. Why don’t I just stick with being bad, and if you don’t like it, feel free to use me as a case study, and learn from my no doubt lavish mistakes.

on May 17, 2005
Do they call French people frogs because they eat them? or are they just known for jumping with lillypads in ponds and such?

should Americans be referred to as hamburgers from now on? who knows.

on May 17, 2005
should Americans be referred to as hamburgers from now on? who knows.

I certainly hope not!

Nice to see you stranger! Where have you been hiding?
on May 18, 2005
I haven't really been hiding... just practicing the flying under the radar thing - it's working!
on May 18, 2005
Ok, on the theme of frogs...

A beautiful woman was walking down by the creek, and she came across a frog, she thought this could be her lucky day, so she kissed the frog, who, indeed turned into a rugged Aussie bushman...

the former frog thought this was alright, being a big musculine man, and he had a beautiful girl in front of him, he thought... well, she kissed him, and her dream came true, whilst he was happy with the current situation, he thought he would kiss her and see if his dream would come true

no doubt, he kissed the beautiful girl, and she turned into a beer.
on May 18, 2005

I will use that one with your permision!
on May 18, 2005
Since describing a woman as a "10" indicates she possesses the highest level of beauty, what's a "Cinderella 10?"

A beautiful girl who sucks and f*cks till midnight and then turns into a pizza and a 6 pack.