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no one is perfect
Published on February 9, 2005 By Muggaz In Just Hanging Out
What exactly is your excuse for your smug attitude towards life? You are one of those guys who seems happy to coast through life, and you have this enchanted spark about you – good things seem to fall in your lap without you working hard for it at all, why is it that?

You have a little problem with authority, like a conservative teenage punk if such an oxymoron exists. You get fines from the cops for not wearing your seat-belt and you throw parking tickets away with disdain. It’s like you have a chip on your shoulder, but no one else but you notices this chip… maybe it’s because someone close to you died when you were young, and you haven’t quite forgiven the world for taking him away. It’s left you with a casual nonchalance, which can be extremely attractive, yet dangerous at the same time.

People never know how to read you, perennially mysterious and un-predictable. You were born with great genes and were lucky to have a comfortable upbringing in a close family. You have always considered yourself smarter than the average, and one step ahead of the pack – you need to learn you aren’t necessarily better than anyone. Blessed with a confidence that can be perceived as outright cockiness, yet no one will ever know that you can be as insecure about life as the next guy. Gifted with the ability to see the glass half full, this can be detrimental and causes failure to see the complexity of a situation.

You are brutally honest and have a severe lack of tact. All related to your casual demeanour, you don’t give a flying fudge what others think of you. In spite of this professed arrogance, you do realise that your life situation is much luckier than some, and you are thankful for what you have. You have always been a ladies man, alas, you have always been protective of your own emotions, plenty of walls have stopped you from even trying to get close to someone, and when you do, it’s always dangerous, because vulnerability is not your strong point.

Your greatest fear is losing control of a situation, this leaves you guarded, yet calculating. You don’t look for sympathy from anyone, though this leaves you in a detached state of showing little or no emotion towards others – though, behind that ice cold and collected façade, you have a burning passion in your heart, and you love to help people when you can.

You know you have what it takes to make it, but like everyone, you fear failure. In spite of this fear, you tackle the world head on, but you don’t care how you go about it. In time, you will find your peace with the world, and fit in to the grand plan in store for you. The journey has never been entirely smooth for you, and sometimes you feel very alone. I know what kind of person you are, and I also know you are not alone.

I know you aren’t perfect, and by all means, I certainly know you don’t try to be perfect, but your heart is in the right place, and the world needs people like you… whether you recognise it or not, you have an uncanny ability to make people happy… sometimes things wont always work out, but then, there is always Jerry Springer.

on Feb 09, 2005
I think I just had some sort of awakening.......even though this was not aimed at me.....weird.
on Feb 09, 2005
Yes, Jerry Springer can help us all.
on Feb 09, 2005
Interesting glimpse inside what makes you tick, Muggaz!
on Feb 11, 2005

"""""which can be extremely attractive, yet dangerous at the same time"""""

I think the "yet" should be replaced with "therefore" if you catch my drift.