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From the eyes of a person!
Published on August 30, 2004 By Muggaz In Life Journals
If I was a cow grazing in a field, just happily chewing away at my grass, and I happened to be in a field near a highway, I would look at the cars go past with a certain degree of awe... What is it exaclty that this wierd two legged creatures get up to all the time would be the main thought on my mind - of course, I would be a cow, and there wouldn't be much more room for any other thoughts, but to be honest, I would kind of prefer it that way.

It's funny that I used a cow situation, but this blog is rally about how people are sheep - mindless drones who dont trust themselves, who only go with the flow - they dont create the flow, but every now and then, there will be an individual who inspires a rapid, someone who has the capacity and confidence to act first, and set in motion a sequence of events.

There is nothing at all wrong with being cautious, and waiting for others to make the first move - you can either agree with said move, try and keep up, or you can go directly against it, it doesn't really matter, but I will try to give an example of what I am talking about.

This is not the case for everything in life, but I am sure we can all agree to some extent, that people are generally followers, and they need to be inspired - I hate to trivialise life through a computer game, but it's the best way I can explain it. There is a game called counter-strike - It is basically a first person shoot'em up, and it is played online. There are two teams pitted against each other, completing differing objectives. Different people play the game in various different fashions - just like people live life.

Some play CS will creep around corners, and never be certain what exactly their task as part of the team is, they will not to anything irational, like peek around a corner, at the risk of getting shot by the opposing team... these people are the worst CS players, and they can be described as your average pleb in life - it's possible to be mildly succesful if you live like this, but never really quite content.

Other CS players will confidently rush into a fight, knowing that maybe, or maybe not, the 'Pleb' will be there backing him up based on confidence found in someone who seems to have a clear cut objective. These people will take risks, possibly get shot, but the next round starts shortly - it's up to them whether they learn from the mistake of the previous round or not, sometimes they will, sometimes they wont - but essentially, they know it is a computer game, so they dont really care.

The third type of CS player is what we would call l337 (or elite for you non computer geekz0rs) they know exactly what their objective is, and they concentrate on the task at hand - they dont really worry about the other players too much, because they realise that they can't rely on anyone but themselves - sure, if their are some willing teammates at hand, assistance will be welcomed and appreciated, yet the l337 CS player can only do his or her best, focusing on the objective.

While this all makes perfect sense to me, and anyone who has played CS - I understand it may not make the most perfect sense to others, life is complicated, and I have just tried to use an analogy in which I see a lot of people act, you may not beleive it, but the way people are in a computer game, can safely describe the way they are in life.

The first kind of person is always worried about running out of time, kind of like western society in general. We have all these time saving devices invented with the intent giving us extra time - i.e. Microwave ovens with packaged meals, Nuclear power is based on time and energy economising, and the famous fast food stand - yet as humans, we have no time to do anything - how often have you heard the phrase "when I have time" or "I haven't got the time" when in reality, we all have the same amount of time.

To make time, we must use the time we have, every little second. When was the last time, you just took a walk, and savoured your surroundings? I bet you planned on it - but you ran out of time. If all you think about is running out of time, you will rush to get things done, rendering anything you do compromised by your attitude.

If we want to acheive anything, goals are good to have, but we can't focus on what we want in 20 years, we must focus on what we are doing now, and we must do that to the best of our ability. If you focus on the now, and savour the time you have to do what you want, when you want, you will find that what you wnat in 20 years will fall into place automatically. While the feeling of accomplishment is good when you reach your goals, it is quickly surpased by the desire to set another goal, some else to 'work' for.

When I play CS - I am a mixture of the second and third player - sometimes I will rush into things, because I want to get as much done as possible in a short amount of time, and this is obviously one of my pitfalls as a person - when I rush into things, I dont do them as well as I possibly could, and I will be pressured the next time to do better, creating a viscious cycle of stress. Yet, I am learning my objectives, and when I take the time to focus on the task at hand, not the 5 tasks afterwards, I find that each task is completed with a degree of skill, and the ultimate objective is acheived faster, and in a much better fashion.

The next time you say "I dont have the time" just think to yourself - who says you dont have the time? It is you who says it, and you can't make or take time, time just is, so we must conform with it, and enjoy every moment. Next time you are driving down the street, maybe just concentrate on driving, not what you need from the shop, or what you are watching on television tonight - if we think ahead of ourselves, thats when we notice time dissapears.

I dont really plan on leaving a legacy to this world, but I plan on using the time I have wisely, I know what I want to do, and I am sure I will do it, yet right now, I know what I am doing, and that takes all the concentration I can muster to do it well, the rest will follow.

To be good people, we need to worry not what our friends are doing, worry not what our leaders are doing, and dont even worry about what you are doing - concentrate on what you are doing though, and it will be done well - and you will find contentment.


on Aug 30, 2004
I do plan on leaving a legacy to this world but that is another can of worms

Dont underestimate the power of the pleb, the plebs theories may be incorrect in your eyes but he can also be focused, hiding away in his little corner, he may not go about things the best way but who's to say whats right or wrong.

As a former CS player (not in the n00b leagues like Muggaz) you will realise in playing more and more that (also in life) a good team and support crew can make the difference between doing well, and plain out kicking ass. While you do always have to think about #1, being power hungry and rushing in with an individually focused objective can sometimes set you two steps back in the pursuit of your goal.

Jump on the server with a collective of mates and watch the annihilation
on Aug 30, 2004
While you do always have to think about #1, being power hungry and rushing in with an individually focused objective can sometimes set you two steps back in the pursuit of your goal.

Ah, but CassMan, if your objective is that the same as the team, and you focus on the task - your objective will inadvertantly be acheived without you focusing on the other players.

If you focus on what you need to do, you will always have a good support crew backing you up, whether you are aware of them or not!

on Aug 30, 2004
As a former CS player (not in the n00b leagues like Muggaz) you will realise in playing more and more that (also in life) a good team and support crew can make the difference between doing well, and plain out kicking ass.

and n00000000b... the only way plebs like you kick ass in CS is because l337 players like me join your team, rush in full of confidence, because it is only a game ffs, and you follow my lead

Consider yourself part support crew, and consider me part of yours


on Sep 03, 2004
Interesting analogy. I'm sure a lot of people would relate to what you have said. Personally I would probably relate to something else a little easier... but I get what you are saying.
'Savour the moment'........'Seize the day'.......'Live your life don't run from it'........
I like the way you think, Muggaz.....and it's a better world for having you to speak your words of wisdom.....
Genuinely enjoying your articles. C.