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whack it!
Published on June 17, 2004 By Muggaz In Life Journals
Do you ever have that feeling where you just have to beat your sub-consciousness into submission?

Something happened… you don’t know why, but consciously, you have your suspicions…

What if your suspicions can’t be validated by the third party? You certainly can’t validate your suspicions, because they are merely thought’s of the sub-conscious

What if these thoughts of the sub-conscious are holding you back? What do you do? Do you beat them into submission? Or do you emotionally exhaust yourself until they are not even memories…

Our sub-conscious is merely a tool for our consciousness to learn from our mistakes in the past…

People make mistakes all the time, it’s the attitude in which those mistakes are made that counts…

I want to bash hindsight over the head with a wooden pole.


on Jun 17, 2004
muggy, mistakes are only mistakes if you don't learn from them, right ?

and hindsight is overrated. none of us would dare even move if we had it ... it would stop us making terrible mistakes, sure, but it would leave us well short in the areas of self-knowledge and life-experience.

miggy XX
on Jun 18, 2004
Ah yes.... you can learn from mistakes... but perhaps you sub-conscious and conscious both learnt different things... and until those two thought processes are synchronised... you will be forever paying for that mistake... eternally seeking validation...

on Jun 18, 2004
My suspicions usually end up being true, so when I suspect something, I tend to go with my instinct. So no, I don't beat my subconscious into submission, I trust it explicitly.
on Jun 19, 2004
My subconscious is a little c**t. It stops me from doing the things I want to do, makes me respond to situations in ways I would prefer not to - it's like a little kid that rules my roost. The thing is, I think with time the little kid may grow up. It needs to be a little kid right now and make me do stupid stuff so that I can learn NOT to do stupid stuff. Sure, it would be helpful if I could circumvent this process and jump straight to the end goal, but then I wouldn't know WHY I wasn't doing stupid stuff, so I'd want to do it anyway.
I think your subconscious can definitely change - without having to resort to any type of beating - but it takes a lot of effort, coaxing and bribing with treats. And you are an insightful dude, so I think you are already reams ahead of most people. The fact that you think of your subconscious is evidence of this. So stick with it - it's a great helper to have when developed properly. Pity toilet training it is so messy!
on Jun 19, 2004
my friend, youve proposed as good a reason as ive seen recently for turning everything over to ones unconscious. in vino veritas!
on Jun 19, 2004
Listen to your subconscious. More often than not it's more right than you may want to admit. Ever get that "funny feeling" that something bad was about to happen, and it does? That's the old subconscious processing stuff the conscious mind overlooked from being distracted by all the stuff we choose to focus on.

Don't beat your poor subconscious, it's trying to help you out. Be kind to it. Take it out to dinner or something.
on Jun 19, 2004
Myt subconscious is like an estranged relative...

sometimes I want to give it the biggest hug... and embrace it for what it is...

other times... I want to ask what the devil is is hold me back for....

dinner and drinks i think Mason... lots of drinks

on Jun 19, 2004
Drinks are good