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It fly's when your having fun!!!
Published on May 9, 2004 By Muggaz In Life Journals
I can’t believe we are already 5 Months into this year.

Would everyone agree with me that each year seems to go faster? It seems to be the case, for me at least.

I am still feeling a little under the wheather, but the worst of it has definitely passed. The dinner we had on Friday night was so much fun, and I was glad my family could come, and get to know me as my workmates do – they were really most impressed. I could have killed Ken for the little speech he gave about me, but it’s all part and parcel, I got mine back!

I got some tickets to Australia vs Turkey international soccer game in a couple of week’s time, which should be great! It’s after the premier league season is finished, so the Australian internationals should all be coming home to play in the game. The Game is at Telstra Stadium, and I have never been to a soccer match there – I am actually looking forward to it, because the seats are really close to the ground at Telstra, and I don’t think it has been used for soccer before!

I am taking my friend Danny – he actually lives in Brisbane, he is our companies Brisbane office manager, but he used to live down here and is one of my best mates. He will be down for that weekend for his brother’s buck’s party, and it’s only fitting that he should come with me, because we went to the Australia vs France and Australia vs Uruguay games together as well!

When I got to work last Friday morning, I didn’t think that there would be a hope in hell that I would be capable of having a big night, but as the day wore on, my spirits lifted, and I just had heaps and heaps of cold and flu tablets. I was feeling ok throughout the night and primed to go out afterwards. We went to Bridie O’Reilys, one of many Irish Pubs in Melbourne’s CBD. We certainly had a lot of fun in there, and the drinks kept coming my way, pint after pint after pint of Kilkenny!!! Crazy Irish Dancing with several young fillies followed!

Like most pubs in Melbourne, this establishment closed at 3.00am… but we weren’t even close to being ready to go home. I was rather intoxicated by this point, and was lead where the boys took me – 10 points for guessing? Yep, we went to the strippers.

A fine Melbourne establishment called ‘Goldfingers’ was to be the beneficiary of our presence. I had never been there before, and there were about 10 of us! It was a bit weird… I don’t know what to think about strippers – I find it so degrading to woman, however, they are doing it, and it is their choice, and the female body is a beautiful thing! My friend Jason shouted me a lap dance. I don’t think I would normally accept, but I was wasted, and he insisted. The chick spent about an extra 20 minutes with me than she should have, just because I was showing disinterest. I was interested in her gallivanting around me with no clothes on, I have seen it all before, I was just talking to her, getting to know her, and she really appreciated it. Guys don’t really ask the strippers what they are thinking about often, and it earns a bit of respect on my part because I am not just some ogling guy…

I had seen enough, and Jason was occupied, so I left him to it and jumped in a taxi. I passed out as soon as I got home at 5.30am. In hindsight, it wasn’t so smart to get home so late, because I started feeling a bit ill the next day… but I knew the night before was a pearler… I should be getting some photos shortly, I will be sure to post some for your viewing pleasure.

The idea of going out for a little bit on Saturday night did cross my mind, but only briefly. I was quite content to watch Pulp Fiction and play KOTOR on X-Box. Come to think of it, I slept quite well on Saturday night

Sunday was mother’s day of course; however, Mum was out all day, so we weren’t going over till dinner. I just chilled at home for most of the day again, and then I went to my brother’s house to watch the footy. Melbourne is still doing great, and we beat WC Eagles by 50 points… slowly getting more and ore confident of 2004 being a premiership season for us! Exactly 40 years since Melbourne won their last premiership! We have to win at least one in my lifetime!

We went to pick up the Pizza’s for dinner, and I have a bone to pick with Pizza Hut… They have this new voice recognition software that someone derived ‘Conway’ out of ‘Mark’ and we were most perplexed. By trying to make things easier, they are actually making it harder. The Pizza was great though, and I ate to my fill! Both my sisters had brought their dogs to my mum’s house, and it was funny watching them play around. After the meal, my cat was sitting on my lap, and Danielle’s little rat dog was walking around like it owned the place, and it came up to Bronson, and Bronson whacked him one right across the nose! It was so funny… stupid dog didn’t learn though, he kept on coming back and making Bronson uncomfortable.

I got home last night, and tried to watch the Bourne identity – with Matt Damon. What I did see was quite entertaining, but because I am still munching cold and flu tablets, the night time ones put me to sleep half way into it… I might watch the rest tonight.

This week should be pretty fun… I have heaps of things going on… I have another dinner on Wednesday night, and this weekend will be a lot of fun… Linas is playing with the Advent out at Altona, and word on the street is that this is going to be a big night… Let’s hope so!

I hope you all had a great weekend, and may your forthcoming week also be great!


on May 09, 2004
Yes, time does seem to have sped up....grrrrrrr.....

I'm not happy about this...

on May 09, 2004

I'm ecstatically happy that we're already into month number 5!  I only have to make it throught to month 8 and then my hunny comes home! Yay! Oops, sorry Muggaz...I know how you feel about my public declarations of love for Dave.

I had an ok weekend, but it wasn't nearly as interesting as yours.  Crazy Irish dancing and strippers, huh?  Cool!!


on May 09, 2004

Someone once tried to explain to me why it feels like time goes by faster when you are older...let's see if I can remember it and explain it correctly...it's something like:  when you are 10, 1 year is 10% of your life, but when you are 20 it is only 5% therefore, it's smaller and seems shorter...or something like that...

yup, math's not my strong point...but I agree...time's been racing by...and my "life's to do list" isn't on track!  ARGH!

on May 09, 2004
I know how you feel about my public declarations of love for Dave

hehe... It's ok... I am over it! profess love all you want!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

Shades, that was a rather profound little piece of insite provided there!!! I think you may be onto something!!!

Yes, time does seem to have sped up....grrrrrrr.....

I'm not happy about this...

Awww Trin, break it down Justin Timberlake

Thanks for your comments guys!


on May 10, 2004
I had quite a few pints this weekend (Wellington's Special Pale Ale) and my liver was throbbing.... but I bought this killer Ibuprophen Super Gel Caps that are highly recommended. My hangover was eradicated in less than ten.
on May 15, 2004
wait till you have kids. They're born then (to borrow your sig) BAM!!! they're in high school. Crap where does the time go?
on May 17, 2004
Drugs fix every problem right Nic?


This weekend is a bit of a blur to tell you the truth! but more on that later!

Thanks for dropping by ')