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Published on April 20, 2004 By Muggaz In Life Journals
Yesterday evening was certainly a most pleasurable one for me... In fact, it wasn't just yesterday evening, I would say the whole of yesterday was a glorious success.

I really am guilty of using the term glorious loosely, but hey, it was better than a regular Tuesday, so I shall do as I please!

Things certainly hotted up with one of the females currently in my life... suggestive emails were flying back and forth, and it just made the day go very quick and lifted my spirits... not that they needed lifting, it was just fun. When I got home from work though, that was the pinnacle - My sister rang me and told me she has a spare Radiohead ticket for their concert next Tuesday.

Radiohead are an English band, and I am not sure if they broke into the American market, but those of you who are big fans of music, I recommend you search for some. Songs like 'The Bends' 'Paranoid Android' and 'Creep" are fantastic, and I am really, really excited. Its funny, because on the way home from soccer on Monday night I was mentioning to Linas the amount of cool DJs I had seen lately, but I really haven't been and seen any bands, and what do you know, the very next day I am going to Radiohead. It was pro level.

Speaking of soccer, we won by one goal. the score was 2-1 and it was a really tight and fun game... Ed saved a penalty, and that was absolutely pro level. When Ed saves a penalty, which he does quite often, it pumps us all up so much, because the other team always think they have a certain goal... We may be in Div 4, but Ed is easily top 3 keepers in the whole league....

We also developed a little theory on Monday night. For the second time on the way home from soccer on a Monday night, we were pulled over by the police in Camberwell for a "random check" I hate random checks. They just pulled me over because Linas was wearing a baseball cap. Next time it happens, which I am sure it will, I am going to ask the cops if that is why they pulled us over... wasting my time just because they have quotas to meet...

Anywho... reverting back to last nights activities, Laima and Stella came over to chill for a while, and we just conversed and had a little fun... We all went to dinner at Burger King (we call it Hungry Jacks here) It felt like we were in year 10 all going on a date of some sort... it was funny. I like those two girls, they are good fun to hang around, because you can just be yourself and treat them like the boys and not worry about them being stupid manipulating chicks, and they fight back!!! It will be interesting to see where these relationships go...

I got about 7 hours sleep last night, which was a refreshing change... The sun was out this morning, I don't know, I just seem to be in a great mood lately. I must admit, I was a bit troubled personally by what has gone on within our little community here, and I have spent some time thinking about it, but it doesn't matter now, I have built my bridges...

I love you all!!!


on Apr 20, 2004
Good shit. That's why I like spring. Gets us all out of our winter funk.

-- B
on Apr 20, 2004
Radiohead broke into the Canadian market, big. I wouldn't mind going to see that show... and I hate to admit it, but I think I'm pretty much over the concert phase. The only group that I would really love to see is The Violent Femmes, and of course, Danny Michel, who is good alone, or with a band. Link

on Apr 20, 2004
It's Autumn here bro

Spring is also good!!!