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Published on April 18, 2004 By Muggaz In Life Journals
Monday morning has rolled around again and I am in a great mood! I had such a fun weekend, with minimal damage to the hip pocket and maximum damage to brain cells!!! everyone is a winner

Friday night was a magnificent success. The night started with my soccer game in Box Hill... on the way though some stupid driver slammed on his breaks and I had to slam mine on to avert crashing into him, and this resulted in some dude running into the back of me... It was all good though, damage to my car was minimal, and I really didn't want to trouble the dude who hit me, because it wasn't his fault, so I told him not to worry about it, It will be good for my karma. Unfortunately we lost soccer by one goal though... the team was full of dirty assholes... but that was no excuse, we should have won... I got my first couple of goals with my new shoes though, so the monkey is off the back!

I was chilling at home with a few beers after we had lost our soccer game, and Glen sent me a message that he was at the Geebung hotel just down the road from my place, so I rocked on down and he was already quite wasted, as well as Lyndon and Tony! There is this girl that has been at the Geebung for the last 4 Friday nights or something like that, and my friend Glen had developed somewhat of an obsession over the way she dances, which was quite nice... He hadn't had the nerve to approach her though, so she was known only to him and his friends as the Enigma...

Well, I generally cant stand for such softness, because at the end of the day, she is only a chick... This was the first time I had seen her, but I would always hear about her on Monday mornings or whenever I went out with Glen... She wasn't anything special, so I just walked up to them and got names... Told my friend Glen, and he was wasted enough to take care of the rest himself... so yeah - he was in. I don't know how it happened, but I ended up talking to the 'Enigma' and Glen ended up hooking in with her friend!!! I got her number, but I was pretty wasted, and I think maybe she was just being nice... Oh well... at least Glen hooked in, and that's all I was worried about!

I had to leave the Geebung because it was Eoin's b'day and he was down at Scubar... I walked back to my place, and Dave was there with some of the best from Bolivia, and he was willing to share!!! It certainly made the night a whole lot more interesting seen as though I was quite intoxicated by this stage already! So we rocked on down to Scubar and listened to some bangin' Tech. We left at about 4.00am, but instead of normal routine of chillin' on my couch with all the guys over, they all still came over, but I just went straight to bed when I got home because I know when the night is over!!!

I woke up at about 11.30am on Saturday to a whole bunch of dudes asleep in my lounge room!!! everyone had proceeded to get more wasted when I went to bed, and had subsequently passed out. I worried not about them and headed off to get my coffee to wake me up for the day!!! I was lying at home, and I was really quite lethargic all day. I didn't feel like doing anything at all. I was soooooo happy when the footy came on TV. It was Melbourne vs. Port Adelaide, and we absolutely pumped them by 53 point's - that's alot for you foreigners!!! Melbourne have now consolidated a position in the top 8, but due to a chequered past of under-performing, no one will take them seriously until they get a few more wins under the belt, which suits the Demons fine, because after watching the last two games, even me, one of the most fickle supporters, I have faith we can do well this year, and present a threat around finals time in September... hopefully the football Gods will not be cruel and bestow injuries upon the lads.

After that game I watched the St. Kilda vs. Adelaide game, because St. Kilda are my second team, and probably one of the benchmarks of the competition, I am looking forward to Melbourne playing St. Kilda, because the result of that match will really let me know what kind of season we can expect from the Demons!!! Channel 10 had about 7hours straight of footy on Saturday!!! I didn't go out that night, because I was still tired, and there wasn't really much going on in the local vicinity anyways... I was just talking to a friend on the phone for most of the night anyway... my phone bill is going to be stupid this month.. probably around $170... grrr....

Sunday was an absolute mammoth day of fun and adventure. I had a tour of the Yarra Valley winery region with the guys from work. We had a bus load of about 25 people and we were to meet at the office at 9.30am in the morning, and I had my coffee, so I was functioning... not to the best of my ability, because this was the first Sunday in quite some time that I had been active this time in the morning!!!

We got to our first winery by 10.30am, and I wasn't sure how ready my guts would be for wine tasting! I did enjoy a couple of sips, but it was seriously far too early for me, so I went and had a look at the art gallery. I actually was talking to some lady who was the aunty of some dudes I went to school with... it's such a small world!!! The second winery was where the chardonnay started to flow... I tried some really nice wines... a nice merlot and a cabrinet sauvignon... we had a small lunch, and I just wandered around the gardens for a bit reading about the various wines.

The next winery was St. Hubert's, and they actually had some Jazz playing, so I really couldn't be bothered with the wine tasting... Glen, Daniel, Chris and myself all grabbed a chair and purchased 4 bottles of 2001 chardonnay... It was a nice sweet wine rather than the dryer older style chardonnays. It went down ever so easily, and the carnage began. This is a photo of us enjoying ourselves!

At the next winery I was just standing by the fire, and I had decided it would probably be best if I slowed down somewhat! That decision was helped by an old family friend coming into the winery!!! This lady is a long term friend of my mother's, so I couldn't really show that I was too intoxicated! It was good talking to her though, she was telling me how hers and Mums auxiliary made $18,000 for the Royal Children's hospital good Friday appeal... My friend Daniel though, he didn't fare as well as me though - he was as tarting to feel the chardonnay and was beginning to be a little sick... hehe

The next winery Daniel doesn't even remember... It was called Ferguson's, and I had a little Shiraz, but I was done for the day and mainly busied myself with coffee.

The bus trip home was a lot of fun... I felt like I was in School again, and we took a whole bunch of photos of Daniel who was absolutely wasted!!! Glen and I were so intoxicated, we got dropped of before everyone else and went to the Geebung again!!! we went nuts on the dance floor and he even picked me up and swang me around!!! We got a free beer for that!!! After the beer, I gave Glen some money to get some more, and he came back with a freaken pint!!! I was having so much fun though - there were a lot of girls on the dance floor dancing real close if you know what I mean!

I wandered on home at about 7.30. Eoin was at my place, him and Linas went and got some dinner. I accepted gratefully and proceeded to pass out graciously on the beanbag. I tried to watch Godfather II with the guys, but I was just too wasted. I was asleep on the floor by 9.30pm... I woke up when the movie finished because Eoin went home and went to bed...

I feel great today - not hug over at all, and I have a new found and acquired taste for wine! I feel so classy!!! I know this has been another long one, so thanks for reading!!!


on Apr 18, 2004
Wow Mark it sounds like you really did have a good weekend, though unfortanatly I dont know that much about footy, even though my girls a banana bender, its still good to see a new article from you and to know that ya doing well mate.

on Apr 19, 2004
Muggaz, Good to hear that you had a fantastic time, as always. You've got a great writing style going on... I can almost picture you and your friends living it up.
on Apr 19, 2004
Shite mate, that post was reaching the borderline of my attention span Sounds like you had a good time, I was wondering about the lack of updates, should've guessed
on Apr 19, 2004
Shite mate, that post was reaching the borderline of my attention span

Macky not read blog till end make Mugz sad

Cannibal - your woman is a QLDer? hehe... how interesting!!! thanks for stopping by!

Thanks heaps guys...

on Apr 19, 2004
I did read it, I always do, it's just that...it was a bloody long blog I think I'm just tired today. You know, Monday, I hate Mondays.
on Apr 19, 2004
Mondayites you say?

I know i said this last week... I was going to make this a 2 part adventure as well... but as if you could just stop reading bro? you never know what twist or turn you will encounter!!!