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Published on April 5, 2004 By Muggaz In Life Journals
It doesn't seem to rain in the land of opportunity, it pours.

I have gone quite a while now without encountering any females I would be interested in pursuing a relationship with, and all in the space of one weekend, it would be apparent that there are currently 3 prospects vying for Muggaz' attention. Its a pity that 2 of them don't have a chance, but the third one is a possibility... If there is promise (I wont be finding out till we hook up next week) I will be sure to let you know, but it certainly is a weird feeling to be harassed by 3 woman at once!!!

This weekend just gone was nothing out of the ordinary. Friday was insanely busy at work, and whilst I would have liked to hang back for Drinks, I couldn't entertain the thought because I was zonked. I got home and vegged out on the couch straight away. Just conducted regular activities, shit talking with Linas and my brother, and just listening to music. Stella and Laima came over for a bit, they seem to really like hanging out at my house!!! it's cool when they come around, always good conversation to be had! Usually it comes from us boys paying them out, but its good conversation none the less!

Friday night was also good because my footy team the Melbourne Demons won quite emphatically on Friday night against Richmond, a team that won quite emphatically against last years losing grand finalists the week before! I must admit, I can be quite a fickle supporter, and only get behind my team when they win, but that's only because I love them so much that I am genuinely hurt when they lose! In September 2001 Melbourne had an absolute Stella season, and we came from 60 points down in the second half to be on top by 30 points in the last quarter, only to lose the game - this was just after Kate and myself broke up, and I actually cried!!! how ridiculous is that!!!! hehe... at least you understand where I am coming from! I am just a little excited at the prospect of an awesome season from the boys in Red and Blue, Its hard for me to explain to you foreigners, but Football is Melbourne, and Melbourne is football.

After we watched the game, Eoin came over and picked us up to go to Scubar... There weren't very many people down there, but we settled in quickly with beer. I wasn't really motivated for much all evening, so I just drank and talked to my mates... Laima and Stella drove us home and we just chilled back at ours for a while... I fell asleep on the couch because they were just boring me! hehe... not really... I was wasted

I got heaps and heaps of sleep that night... Bloody Tom woke me up with a text at 11.30am informing me of his little BBQ that night to watch the F.A cup, in which Manchester United (my team) were playing Arsenal. I had totally forgotten that this was on, but as soon as I found out, I knew what I was doing for the evenings activities! I awoke from my slumber at about 2.00pm... My sister called me and popped over, because she had some pot plants for the new place. Its going to suck to have to look after them, but I guess a little responsibility wont hurt. We just chilled for the day. I went over to Tom's at about 8.30pm and the game started shortly after... what a fantastic game it was as well!!!

I love Manchester United just as much, if not more than my Demons. In fact, I only go for the Demons, because my Dad did, and he went for them because they wear red socks, and are called the Demons, because Manchester United are called the Devils and also wear Red Sox! It's just a coincidence that Melbourne were a power club when my Dad came to Australia

It hasn't been the best season for Man United, but the game on Sat night was against Arsenal, the current league leaders and perennial rival. Tom and Eoin are both Arsenal supporters, so I enjoyed watching the game with those lads immensely... we won 1-0 with a goal from Paul Scholes, bring on the FA cup final!!!!

I don't know what it was, but I wasn't keen on hangin' about Tom's. I was just tired and wanted to relax in the sanctity of my own home. I got home, and Linas was there, so we busted up some more RON. that game gets better and better every time I play it, and every time I play it, I get nerdier and nerdier. I suppose the balance is good... can't be a party Animal all the time.

Yesterday I went to Smith St in Collingwood to get some new soccer boots. I haven't purchased a new pair for quite some time, and I am looking forward to donning them tonight. I tried them on and got a ball and tapped it around, and I cant wait to try them in a game situation. I was losing a lot of power when kicking the ball because my good ol' faith Adidas cross trainers were falling to pieces, I think the physically couldn't have handled another game, they did me very proud though, and I am torn as to whether I should throw them away or not. I am thinking of framing the left one to give to Eoin as a joke... that would be one smelly but funny joke.

After that I did the laundry and read my magazine. The evening was completed by watching the other FA cup semi final to decide who Man United will beat... turns out it is Millwall. I also talked for AGES with the third prospect, but as I said, I aint getting my hopes up.

Next weekend will be about 16x more exciting than the one just gone, I hope I get for Easter what I did for Christmas!!! hehe, I suppose the option is there for me now, but for me, it will always be about quality, rather than quantity, and I have to maintain my standards!!!

Thanks for reading!!!


on Apr 05, 2004
Bring on the FA Cup...how shallow does it sound, especially considering that Fergie regarded the FA Cup as a wortheless trophy for so many years. Oh how the mighty have fallen. And look at the opposition, Millwall! Wow! I'm sure the Devils are shaking in their boots. This season's been nothing short of a disgrace. Fair enough Man U have had worse seasons, but they were nowhere near as rich and powerful back then. We should all hang our heads in shame and burn our jerseys
on Apr 05, 2004
LOL Macky!!!

after this season mate, i will take what i can get... this is terribly humble of me as a Man U supporter, but i am actually glad the competition evened out... Man U were fast becoming the Ferrari of the Premier league...

on Apr 05, 2004
Muggaz, It's great just knowing that you've had a good time this weekend.... Maybe I am living vicariously through you, but it does make me feel good knowing that youve been having a good time with your friends...
on Apr 05, 2004
Awww shucks Nic... I want you to have a good time too!!!!

Maybe you can find some hot girls who are relationship worthy, and i can live vicariously through you? sound like a fair swap?

on Apr 05, 2004
Hello Muggaz old chap, It was a good result for Man Utd and i hope they beat the peasant Millwall team, they are a bunch of bloody animals.