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Published on January 7, 2006 By Muggaz In Just Hanging Out
Well, where does one begin? I cannot express the phase shift in my general thoughts of America and Americans enough... Two years ago I was a card carrying anti-American, and I was not afraid to let people know, and I am the first to admit my state of ignorance! Since I have been here, I have only encountered people who are all to happy to enhance my United States experience, especially nubile young women!

I am reserving judgement on America in general though, because I live in a ski town, where everyone is here for the same reason and it is rare to see a frown. I don't think I will get a chance to see as much of the States as I would like on this particular visit, but I am confidently saying now that I will be back next year with extensive plans to do some travelling before and after the Ski season. I have made friends with the most unlikely people - a homophobe from Arkansas, and a leggy blonde from New Orleans who likes George Bush.

Sure, the people are fantastic, but the reason I am here and the reason I will come back is the quality of the snow. I have been riding with a guy who almost made the US ski team, and he has been throwing me off 30ft cliffs so my snowboarding has improved because I have had no choice! There is no fear because the texture of the snow is glorious and not painful at all! I have been working the evening shift at work and gettting as much riding done as possible! this is the second best season at Vail in the last 43 years of keeping records, and it is shaping up to be the best. The thing about Vail is there are so many Australian's and New Zealanders that it is impossible to feel homesick! I was speaking on the phone to an American gentleman and he remarked that my accent sounded like I was Vail born and bred.

I do have some moments of frustration though - I couldn't beleive the ignorance when a gentleman asked me if "y'all celebrate Christmas in Australia?" and people think my accent comes somewhere from the east coast! I had one gentleman who couldn't understand a word I said so he handed the phone to his wife to translate... English to American... I suppose I just take Australians and our worldly attitude for granted back home, it is true though, America really is the centre of the universe - this is not surprising because the food you guys eat over here, some of you are so fat you have your own gravity belt - healthy food is expensive and harder to find, and it took me some time to adjust to the diet and I am sure to enjoy my multi-vitamins every day because I certainly can't be sure of getting my nutrients any other way!

Vail also epitomises opulance. Every second store is well stocked with dead animals for the purpose of fashion, and people wipe their bottoms with $20 bills. There is a company that operates here for the sole purpose of turning lights on and off in peoples second or third holiday homes. I have certainly come to the right place to find a sugar momma.

I am not one to complain though, I am a guest in the USA, and the hospitatily thus far has been amazing, I have learnt that if you tip the bar staff well at the start of the night, they will look after you for the remainder of the evening. I am pertty much on first name basis with many of the doorman and bar tenders, and I am well looked after at many of the fine establishments Vail has to offer. If any of you feel like a spot of skiing, let me know when you are in the area, and we shall have a drink!

Y'all take care now you hear!

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on Jan 07, 2006
Nice to see you are enjoying yourself Muggaz!
Vail is not relly representative of the US, but since you are where the rich come to play and party, we'll break you in slow.
on Jan 07, 2006
Yay! I'm so glad that you've finally blogged! Of course, I am happy that you are enjoying yourself, but I'd like it if you could just enjoy yourself a smidgeon less so that you could keep in touch just a smidgeon more!

I wouldn't worry about people misplacing your accent--I get told all the time that I "talk funny." I had someone the other day ask if I was Australian because they coudln't place my accent. When I said no, they guessed Irish...they were shocked to find out I am American! (and for the record, I don't talk funny!)

Stay safe, ok? No need to be sending you home to your mommy in a full body cast!
on Jan 07, 2006
I am trying to stay safe, but i have discovered two drinks I have not found in Australia, Goldschlagger and Tuaca... The worst part about my stay in America is that I can actually only remember half of it!
on Jan 07, 2006
Vail is not relly representative of the US,

That is true...but..you are in a great party town. I am extremely jealous of the big mountain there. We had a pretty good day skiing, but at a local mountain. Small, but fun anyhow. Enjoy your stay...and welcome to the USA!
on Jan 08, 2006

Vail is representative of the US.  As is LA, NY, Chicago, Sheybogin, and Poughkipsee.  It is all America.  SOme of it is very good, while parts are very bad!  It is like any other country.  America has a mystique because we have come so far so fast.  But in reality, it is no different than other countries, just more independant.

You can find the good in any place here, and you can find the bad as well.  You can find what you want to find.  And I guess you have found what you wanted.  And that is what counts.

on Jan 08, 2006
hiya muggaz!

glad to hear you made it and you're enjoyin yourself.

a word to the wise: should kobe bryant ask you to drop by his room...
on Jan 08, 2006
haha Kingbee, you never fail to make me laugh...

LW - I have pretty much been living on Subway, however, the grease is not so unwelcome after some of the nights I have had!
on Jan 08, 2006
Mark my dear boy,

It is good to know that you have been mounting those stupid American women, most of them probably not even knowing where Australia is on the map. Also, take care that one of those fat yanks doesn't land on you when skiing. This would be a certain death. It is no wonder that you cannot find anything other than trash, fast food. Americans are the fattest populace in the world. It is a miracle they manage to put together a military what with the general obesity and ignorance of the world outside America in the population.

I have also had a look at your other blog too.
on Jan 09, 2006
Good to see you SPM! I have to tell you, I have come across the American aristocracy here, and they have but a shadow of the class of the old country!
on Jan 09, 2006
Goldschlagger....ah yes all of the fun times I've had. I wish I could remember them. That stuff is something in a class of it's own.

Crapped any cufflinks yet?

Glad you're enjoying our quaint little country.
on Jan 10, 2006
Dude!!! You're about two hours from where I live! How much longer are you in the States for? If possible, I would be honored to buy you a beer or three.

-- B
on Jan 11, 2006
I trust you have heard the good news about the Sir Peter Maxwell television project, my dear boy?
on Jan 11, 2006
I trust you have heard the good news about the Sir Peter Maxwell television project, my dear boy?

what kind of Maxwellian would I be if I hadn't?

How much longer are you in the States for?

Hey Froggy, I am here until April 17th, then flying to Tokyo, so there is ample time for consumption!

Crapped any cufflinks yet?

I dont know what that means, but i will say probably!
on Jan 13, 2006
"what kind of Maxwellian would I be if I hadn't?"

A second rate Maxwellian. If you didn't know then I would have had to revoke your Maxwellian membership and have you beaten senseless, or a '419' as my security team and I know it.
on Jan 13, 2006
Hello Mugz

Sounds like you're having a fab time, and I'm really pleased for you. Sounds like you have found the right balance of work and play, hehe!

Becareful, and I hope there are plenty more good times to come!

Please keep us updated, it's great to hear about your adventures!