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I am really a teenage drag queen.
Published on July 28, 2004 By Muggaz In Just Hanging Out
Ok, the game is up… Muggaz is really a teenage drag queen, and I am here because I am inspired by a penguin named Ralph.

“What is the point of me telling you this” – I hear the masses exclaim… Well, to be honest, there is none.

I am here because I want to be. Why do I want to be here? Well, hopefully you have no misconceptions as to why that may be the case - it's not all Ralph, I just get my inspiration from him, he isn't the reason I am here though.

I suppose I am telling you, because I really don’t like vendetta’s being placed against anyone’s name, because, well, someone’s perception may be a little whacked.

Optimistically, while I am here at JU, no ones perceptions of me have caused them any grief. If who I am, or who I pretend to be isn’t what you thought, can you build a bridge and get over it?

I don’t plan on impeding on anyone’s blogging experience. Ralph wouldn’t want that. It’s up to you to take what you want out of blogging, whether you come here to be taken seriously, whether you come here to make friends, or whether you come here to share. Ralph taught me to always hold my own, and not worry too much about those faces on the other side of the screen.

Just like life, we come across great people, and we come across morons, no one else is going to make that distinction though, it’s up to you, if you are lucky, you have a penguin named Ralph helping you along the way.


on Jul 28, 2004
I have a Monkey called Norman that guides me in the right direction. He teaches me the same kind of things Ralph teaches you, though sometimes I don't always listen to him. I can't completely pretend they are nameless faces at the other side of a screen. For the most part I can make that distinction, but there are people you become closer to than others and if I thought they were lying, i would be hurt about it. Maybe I'm foolish, but my heart leads my head. Good message though Muz, you're such a smart boy!
on Jul 28, 2004
I have a cricket, i haven't named him as such cos he doesn;t really speak, just makes those stoopid noises....

ur a weird one markus......but i think i tell u that every day
on Jul 29, 2004
I have a parakeet named BOBO and he only imitates my voice!
on Jul 29, 2004
Hear hear, and BAM to you too! We should all be able to type what we like, as long as it isn't a vendetta against anyone else, don't you think??

on Jul 30, 2004
Thanks for your comments guys!!!

Ralph always gets worked up and does his little penguin dance when he gets friendly comments from cool bloggers!!!

It provides further inspiration for other articles!!! When Ralph sees a blog or a blogger he doesn't like, he just ruffles his hair (he has a mow-hawk) flips his collar, and struts.

Truely inspirational stuff

on Jul 30, 2004
you crazy, in a awesome way! never change
on Jul 31, 2004
A good article dear boy, I understand it.
on Aug 01, 2004
I have a monkey named Max and he's the cause of the current title of my blog. I don't ever feel the urge to write from his perspective anymore or listen to much he has to say because his personality seems to be directly related to someone I used to be. I dont hate him or my old self in any way coz that's in the past and there isn't a dang thing I can do to change it. I have a newer monkey who is much bigger, more functional and better looking than Max, but I haven't named him yet. I guess that's partly because I don't think I'm fully past this recent 'growth spurt' I've been experiencing. When things have panned out, I guess I'll rename my blog. But for now.... it'll just have to do.

It's kind of strange when you put your inner thoughts into words. Sometimes it's like a stark realisation... other times it's a confirmation of something you've thought for ages. Probably should do my own blog article seeing as though i'm getting all introspective.

Anydangway... keep up the good work, bro!