A day to day acount of the whacky and wonderful world of Muggaz - i tend to be having too much fun these days, and often cannot remember moments due to debauchery - its time the internet repayed my loyalty by recording my antics.
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April 1, 2004 by Muggaz
I have been a bit shaken up over the last 12 hours or so... twice over.

I got home from work yesterday evening and I received a phone call from a good mate from my past... the old suburbs where I lived a couple of years ago. One of my best mates has been suddenly overcome with a virus... I haven't had the chance to contact his parents to find out the situation yet, but the impressions I was given from our mutual friend was that it was quite serious - only one in a million people are afflicted...
March 8, 2004 by Muggaz
We arrived a the venue a bit later than we were supposed to. Tim and i rocked up to Linas' house at about 3.30ish... They were making final preperations for their set. They were encouraged by my obvious enthusiasm - i had never been to a dance party with 20,000 people there. Linas' and Adrian were supposed to arrive at 5.00pm for sound testing. Originally the plan was to got ot Linas', then Vlat's, and then to Melbourne Park, but their didn't seem to be time.

We got some Fish and Chips quick...