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I always win.
Published on July 9, 2005 By Muggaz In Personal Relationships
A chance encounter on the streets of Melbourne after a night of drunken revelry – we have to stop meeting like this. I am accosted and at 3.00am, it’s hard to say no to a pash before I go home for the night. It was a good kiss, most involving me are… I just hope it is not interpreted as more than it was.

She tells me that she knows my game. She thinks I am playing hard to get. It is true, I do play hard to get extremely well, but most of the time, it’s not a game to me. I really am hard to get. Honestly, I am not worth the effort she is putting in to me, and I hate the fact that when females are apparently the masters of subtlety, she can’t read between the lines.

I don’t know what is wrong with me, because she is a nice girl, but human emotions are tricky things, and the fact that I know she wants me plays on my mind. Give me a challenge. It’s annoying, because chance encounter after chance encounter with various young ladies, you still wake up in the morning searching for something more.

I just want to be friends with this girl, I don’t have the inclination for anything more, and it is a shame, because I feel under pressure every time we interact! Maybe I should tell her that I am deeply in love with her, and that should do the trick, then I can get the ‘I think we should just be friends’ speech with no further harm.

These head games are not good for anyone, but you have to look out for number one, and I have made certain from the beginning that she had no expectations of me, and I certainly placed none on her, alas, I am a stand out guy, and she is only human, I can’t blame her for chasing me like a love sick teenager... playing the game or not, hopefully I can teach her a trick or two.

on Jul 09, 2005
Muggaz..welcome back...I miss reading your adventures.
on Jul 10, 2005
Oh it must be tough tripping over the girls piled up at your feet. Absolutely terrible

Nice to see you back, I've done my first proper entry in months too.
on Jul 10, 2005
hehe, yeah, the lady situation has improved drastically over the past few weeks... i put it down to the longer hair and some snappy new shoes I recently purchased. They are Loafers, I use them for loafing.

Champas said it well with his most recent article - I have been too busy to blog because well... I have been living!

good times.
on Jul 13, 2005
quite the dilemma you've gotten yourself in, eh Mug?

all these games get old--but even when you don't play others perceive that you do...

on Jul 13, 2005
Yes, feel the pity oozing from my poors for you.

you have to look out for number one

Good luck with that when you get married. You'd have to marry an abolute saint. (...Fortunately, I did.)

Good to hear from you. I miss your adventures, too.

on Jul 13, 2005
Sounds like a tricky situation... Reminds me of someone who lives in Melbourne as well and is going through the same shit. Is your name Andrew?? lol

Anyway, my advice is to just be blunt and tell her how u feel cuz she didnt understand your signs, or didnt want to understand the signs that said you were not really interested.

By telling her to her face she cant go psycho at you and cry from the top of her lungs "WHY DIDNT U TELL ME U DICK??!!" (get the picture?...)

All i'll say now is : good luck mate
on Jul 14, 2005
ha - notice a trend here? all Ladies... hehe Toblerone

Thanks for dropping by...

Update, I was talking to her the other day, and i didn't ask her how her aunt was who was just diagnosed of cancer... she freaken cracked it at me, told me of all these expectations she had of me, so i told her she was wasting her time on me... oh well, it is only one more day till the weekend, where the search will continue!

Kisses all!
on Jul 14, 2005

sometimes, I am reflected in your actions. 

""""It was a good kiss, most involving me are…"""""

clever line...

Have you seen "Hitch" yet?  You should, it's a good movie.

The funny thing is, I have no pitty for this girl...I know I should...but I just can't bring myself to feel sorry for her.  Acting like a lovesick teenager is one's own fault (I do this often, and accept this truth), and trying to mold another human being into your idea of romance is sickening.

That's my 2 cents.


on Jul 16, 2005
I've seen this happen a time or two.

It's because she wants you. You want a chase. You don't want someone right there for you all the time. You want to have to work for it. Am I right? The games are so confusing, though. I agree.

I agree with Trin... I should feel sorry for the girl, but it's really her own fault if she's cracking it up in her mind to be more than it is.

on Jul 21, 2005

I'm Sarah's hero, in case ya'll didn't notice. 


on Jul 22, 2005
you gotta be someone's hero - might as well be young Sarah here!!!
on Jul 24, 2005
oh.... I have no words... except to say that I miss you like hell, and good or bad, you're the best... if you can get behind my meaning... FC.
on Jul 27, 2005
hehe - there is a referral to this blog called "playing hard to get is annoying" thats funny

Hello Nicky G... looks like nearly all my ladizzles have come to say hello! I always wondered why missing someone like hell was a good thing, because hell aint supposed to be a good place, so if you were missing me like hell, you shouldn't really be missing me at all! Hell must be alright! I will let all you angels know when I find out

on Jul 27, 2005
looks like nearly all my ladizzles have come to say hello

wow, i can just see your head expanding as you typed this!

I will let all you angels know

I think I might vomit!

Oh, Muggaz--you seem to have lucked out in the self-esteem lottery!
on Jul 30, 2005
Oh, thanks Muggaz. Iread this before it had any comments, but I had nothing to say, even though I enjoyed it. Good on you for getting out there and living in the non-cyberworld.