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Published on May 25, 2005 By Muggaz In Just Hanging Out
I wouldn’t be much of a human if I didn’t use this brain I was given, so in one of my very humanoid moments, I was thinking about women (funny that) and how they are a lot like cats, and men are a lot like dogs. Forget these men are from Mars and women are from Venus rubbish; let’s stick to earth and what we know.

You could certainly consider me a lover of all animals, however there is a debate as old as time it’s self (well, my watch anyway) which is the better – cats or dogs? I had a pet dog when I was younger, his name was Shuggy, and he was a sheep dog mongrel crossed with everything that loved nothing better than chasing cars. Well, this love of his was his eventual downfall – he was a simple creature whom we all loved very much.

I have had a multitude of cats over my time, and they are immeasurably different in demeanour from any dog. People like dogs much more than cats because dogs have a reputation for being loyal and easy to please – whereas cats are fussy. I have found that you have to earn a cats respect, while all you have to do is pet a dog and he will be your best friend – noticing the similarities yet people?

My cat loves me indefinitely – well, because I am a provider for him, I give him food and shelter and such, however – there is a special skill when it comes to earning the affection of a strange cat that you have never met before, and it is not dissimilar from earning the affections of a young lady.

As already mentioned, give a dog a bone with a tummy rub, and he will be your friend for life, however, if you show the same degree of affection towards a cat on first meeting, the cat will slink off to a hiding spot or some such, or just sit arrogantly at a distance. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself. When you first meet a new cat, I invite you to ignore it completely – act as though it doesn’t exist.

After ignoring the cat for some time, you will notice the kitty slink by, and perhaps rub up against your leg – you may see this as an invitation to pet the cat – don’t do it! The cat is just testing you, and seeing if you will cave in to its beautiful fur rubbing against your leg…. Continue ignoring the cat and continue watching the football! Make some jokes about how the cat wants you, and how the cat has to do a bit more than rub up against your leg for a bit of attention!

Soon enough the cat will be on your lap, craving your interest! You know what you should do now – get that kitty off your lap! Don’t swing it around your head by its tail or anything like that, just a gentle shove with a smile. I will guarantee the cat will make another attempt at your lap in the very near future, and probably won’t leave you alone till it gets what it wants…

Sound familiar guys?

Who knows exactly what is going on here? To use a generalisation, woman are predominantly cat people as well as dog people, but blokes as a rule, don’t really like cats – it’s because we don’t understand the crazy feline’s. Now, If I am correct, any ladies reading this would have been silently nodding their heads as I described how to win over a cats affections – well, this is because they understand cats and their crazy mentality – is this perhaps because they are crazy too? Who knows?

Play your cards right guys, and the cat will come to you…

on May 25, 2005
Dogs like to be chased.Cats dont.

Not true. Before I got a cat, I watched a TV pet show and they said "chase your cat." Now I chase my cat and though it's true she hides, she comes out and wants to play some more. They chase each other when playing, don't they?
on May 25, 2005
And neither does pussy

What happened to subtlety Sabrina?

on May 25, 2005
an interesting take, as always, muggaz. though if you ignored me repeatedly, you've got no shot of me jumping into your lap!
on May 26, 2005
though if you ignored me repeatedly, you've got no shot of me jumping into your lap!

Thats what they all say...
on Jun 27, 2005
Mugz, I came here and read this jibberish! your soo weird! and such a noob! and you like to annoy me on msn with your stupid nudges and your stupid winks, lol...and what else? umm you have a HOT ACCENT! lol and i still think you should let me call your work place and give me a "fake interview" lol and I'd get hired! lol jk jk...i'm happy with oxford uni! you go ahead and keep others entertained! i'm bored, and its late and i dont kow what to do! uhhh my biochem lab awaits me! lol