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fun at the races
Published on November 8, 2004 By Muggaz In Events

Here you have one motley crew - at the races Suturday just gone. I am still paying for it, but it was debauchery and shananigans all round. The races at Spring Carnival time in Melbourne is a fantastic experience, everyone gets dressed, and everyone looks great!

My friend gave me this picture this morning, and the looks on our faces says it all - this wasn't to far into the day, but we were, how you say, festive by this time!


on Nov 08, 2004
Red 'x' is all I am seeing Muggaz.
on Nov 08, 2004
That's all I see too.
on Nov 08, 2004
I was excited about seeing a pic of you.

on Nov 08, 2004
I saw it (I typed the url and and looked at it that way). Nice photo, Muggaz. You're the guy in the middle?
on Nov 09, 2004
don't worry trin, I will send you a real one with my autograph for keepsakes

Ya TW - I am the one in the middle left... to my right is Tim, and my left with the top hat is higgsy, one of the most enigmatic chaps you would ever meet... the guy on my far left is Glen, one of my best mates - we all work together.
on Nov 10, 2004
Wow, that top hat...and you're wearing a boutonniere? Goodness.

Y'all look sexy.