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Published on November 8, 2007 By Muggaz In Just Hanging Out
Christian Idealists, I call to you my brothers to boycott the Beijing 2008 Olympics! Those Chinese heathens have bequeathed un-godly demands upon the God fearing among us - they have prohibited the word. They have banned the Bible from the Olympic games!

There will be no thanking God in medal winning speeches, no praying to the one that graced us with these bodies in which we can achieve sporting success - how can we perform for our lord when we cannot read his scripture in preparation? Athletes will also be prohibited to bear symbols of our lord and father - this is a travesty.

Olympic games have been boycotted in the past - for relatively minor issues such as cold wars - these earthly matters pale in comparison, as this is an issue that transcends the realm of mortals, and is a battle raging between heaven and hell, onward Christian soldiers - we are not only representing our country, but we represent the most holy of holies.

This proves beyond measure that the Chinese and communism is a creation of the Devil, and we should make war with them immediately - The president of the United States of America should add China to the Axis of Evil immediately, and as America is a nation under God, it is our prerogative, nay, our responsibility to instil the fear of God upon the red minions of China.

Christians, forget the Olympics are a celebration of humanity, forget that we all bleed the same colour, and we are all created the same, forget to ignore our differences for a fortnight - We must remember we represent God, and we are the chosen race to live amongst him in heaven, We cannot subject ourselves to desires of personal glory, feats of amazing achievement. Forget the Olympics were around before our lord and saviour Jesus Christ was even a twinkle in God's eye...

Don't worry what we achieve in this life of mortals, as we will be judged, and compliance with the Chinese will reserve our souls a place amongst the Godless in hell.

on Nov 08, 2007

Your arguments are great reasons for Christian atheletes to boycott the Olympic Games in China, but you give no reasons for a Christian to boycott the coverage of the games.  Once the games hit our tv sets, China has already been paid everything it's going to be for the coverage.  Whether we watch or not makes no difference to them.  All even the most successful boycott would do is reduce the amount of money the networks can get or the next olympics, because ratings from the last Olympic coverage are the leverage.

Also, yes, there have been boycotts of previous Olympic Games, but the boycotters ended up on the short end of the stick in every case.

on Nov 08, 2007
I was kind of taking the piss mate...

but you don't know me, so you can be excused.
on Nov 08, 2007

I think the first christian that wins a Gold medal, should bow their head during the playing of their anthem, and fold their hands together.

It worked in 68, right?

on Nov 10, 2007

Don't worry what we achieve in this life of mortals, as we will be judged, and compliance with the Chinese will reserve our souls a place amongst the Godless in hell

So if I try extra hard, I might even get a corporate box in hell, yes?

Good one, mate.