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Published on October 19, 2007 By Muggaz In Religion
New Line cinema are about to release 'The Golden Compass' - based on the first book of Philip Pullmans 'His Dark Materials' trilogy - I am not sure how many of you have read the series, but I would rate it a high 7 out of 10 - thoroughly entertaining, whilst the target demographic is adolescents, adults alike can enjoy the themes and undertones as well as the story itself.

Whether it is because it is not as popular as the Harry Potter series or not I don't know, but there is not as much hype surrounding the release, yet it is much more controversial than JK Rowling's work. The movie stars Nicole Kidman (who as reported Catholic, I am questioning whether she has actually read the book, yet she stated "the Catholic Church is part of my essence. I wouldn't be able to do this film if I thought it were at all anti-Catholic") and Daniel Craig, and has a budget of $205 Million - making it New Lines biggest project ever.

The basic undertones of this book/movie are that there is no such thing as original sin, and God is non-existent as the creator of all... I can hear the bible bashers preparing their crucifix's and good books pointing them my way and screaming 'blaspheme!!!' well, good for you... sticks and stones... This is one of the main reason's I enjoyed the book. If you were a staunch Catholic child, of about 10-13 years of age, who grew up going to Church every Sunday (as I did) it would have raised some serious questions - alas, we all know the Catholic church doesn't like to be questioned. The book also has theories about quantum physics and parallel universes, so makes for a very entertaining read.

The Catholic League has actually called for a boycott of the film - I have two bones of contention to pick with this - a. - are they so damn stupid to not realise that whenever someone calls for a boycott of a film, this only increases notoriety and almost ensures Box Office success? and b. If you are so confident in your position and belief system, wouldn't you implore people to see the movie and make their own minds up? oh yeah, I forgot it is the churches doctrine to believe only what is taught by the church, and no one else. They actually believe the film "Denigrates the Christian Church" and "promotes Atheism for kids" God forbid (pun intended) that Children be allowed to think for themselves, rather than follow their parents blindly to mass each Sunday.

Well, due to the almighty dollar, New Line have acquiesced to the church, and the anti-religious undertones will somewhat be glazed over - the average inept cinema goer will no doubt be oblivious to the connotations, I do digress though, I have a little faith in humanity and hopefully the movie will inspire some viewers to actually read the book, where Pullmans message could not be any clearer. I do hope this film does very well, which will guarantee New Line will make the following two instalments of the book, educating the masses so to speak.

The Catholic League can call for boycotts all they want - but in the information age, people are going to learn the truth, and they will learn that the truth, is not the word.

on Oct 19, 2007
I always love it when someone starts protesting something they dislike and in doing so they wind up giving more publicity to whatever it was that they were protesting.  It sounds like this is the same thing yet again.  I hope the movie is a huge success even if I normally wouldn't care about it at all, knowing it's making someone unhappy because it's successful just brings a smile to my face.
on Oct 19, 2007
I've known all along that the Catholic church leaders were really just Satan's marketing tool. Forbidding, banning, and boycotting is the best way to get people to do things. Watching a movie is not necessarily even a sin. What are they doing over there?
on Oct 19, 2007
I think it's freaking amazing - in fact, nothing makes me happier... not only will people see the movie, but they will be dissapointed about what is actually left out, and wonder what all the fuss is about, and no doubt read the books...

everyone wins.

see the movie people - December 7th is the release date.. even better, read the books! I completed the trilogy in about a week... you will be all the better for it!